Ramazzotti Rebranding


Odds Magazine

This is a fictional project for non-fictional people. My idea was to create graphic identity and magazine with generally odd topics so I chose the name Odds, which suits well to idea about actual inconstancy and multiplicity of our cultural tendencies. odds ɒdz/noun the ratio between the amounts staked by the parties to a bet, based on […]

Personal Brand Identity

Personal brand identity Petar Toskovic Graphic Designer Working in Branding, Editorial, Typography, Illustration, Video Editing and Motion Graphics. The logo design was based on initials of my full name.

Chá do Monte_ Typical Portuguese Tea



Experimental Video / Video-Dance by Pedro Sena Nunes (2010) This video was edited and visually composed by myself. Sinopsys: The collision between a man and a woman gives birth to an aquatic confinement. The woman indulges in a subtle and gracious existence. The fusion with what nature awakes on her impels to develop in new worlds, […]

Seize your Fate

Real Sociedade_ Restaurante Bar


Minerva Portuguese Sardines Rebranding

Voarte logo animation

Shiatsu Massagem Terapêutica Branding



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